Favorite Places

Hello, Ms. Landi. My name is Katie. ... Obviously, not only did Mr. Lennox have
people to buy his luggage for him, but he also had people to apologize on his
behalf too. ... The vessel of the arousing scent sat behind a huge mahogany desk
. ... each stroke of the pen. Without taking his eyes from the papers he was
signing, Chase Lennox dismissed the Barbie-like escort with a polite “Thank you,
” and as ...

Favorite Places

Favorite Places

A five-minute trolley ride, one troublemaking suitcase, and two stolen identities. Six months later, two strangers discover they're married. She wants an annulment. He has other plans. Being illegally hitched is about the only way Chase Lennox would ever be shackled to any woman. But when the multimillionaire playboy finds out he's married to the woman who caused him to lose the biggest deal of his life, Chase decides before he gives his new wife an annulment, she's going to help him close the deal he'd lost. Jessina Landi has a three-foot radius comfort zone. The last man she let into it cost her a lot more than a broken heart. And the huge debt she owes for that trust, well, it's due. If she takes Chase Lennox's up on his offer, it's sure to cover the bill. There's an annulment waiting at the end of their rainbow... well, that's if they can get through the next two weeks without consummating the marriage. USA Today bestselling author, Kelly Gendron brings you the steamy standalone TroubleMaker Series!

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