Spending My Way Out Of Misery

Before I got promoted a few times and money was better, I had already made quite a few mistakes with my life and money. I spent all my money, saved very little on my 401(k) plan, and partied often with my roommate, who was also a ...

Spending My Way Out Of Misery

Spending My Way Out Of Misery

The inspiring true story of a young woman who had it all, lost it all, and found happiness and the true meaning of life in the midst of her personal and financial crisis. Spending My Way Out Of Misery is based on a simple idea that allows each person to reflect on their values and vision in life. Only you can look deep inside and answer the questions offered in this book to help you redirect your life toward a greater mission. It will speak to anyone in search of hope, in need of a different perspective, to anyone who is constantly judging themselves and feeling inferior, and anyone living pay check to pay check. It is never too late to start deleting negative habits from your life and making changes that will positively make your life worth living.

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